M4OHN, 1-Test, 4AD,OHT, and T-Max. What do you think?

  1. M4OHN, 1-Test, 4AD,OHT, and T-Max. What do you think?

    I am currently taking 10 mg of M4OHN. Everything is going well. Getting stronger and leaner slowly but surely. Was thinking about adding 1-Test and 4AD to the stack. Any recommendations on dosage for all three. Ideally I want to take the M4OHN of six weeks and taper off into the 1-Test and 4AD and end up with 12 weeks total of supplementation. Would consider adding 4OHT into the mix if anyone thinks it might be beneficial. Is there a problem mixing 4AD and M4OHN. I am already on 3 weeks of M4OHN. Started at 2.5 mg for a week. 6mg for a week and now 10 mgs for another week. What do you also think about adding T-Max for a month into the equation. Any experienced help appreciated.

  2. holy crapo thats a lot of stuff.

  3. check out my site, i listed a few different cycles for M4OHN.

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