P-mag rash?

  1. P-mag rash?

    Im on day 5 of my pmag cycle, and the past two nights around 830 pm a nasty rash pops up on my stomach/arms. When i wake up its gone...Nothing has changed in my diet aside from increasing carbs,not using a new detergent/bodywash/shampoo... Any clue guys?

  2. Ive taken H-drol with nothing like this ever happening. I understand its not exactly the same but pretty damn close...

  3. H-drol isnt "pretty darn close" to P-mag. I researched Pmag pretty heavily before I ran a cycle of it, and I dont remember anyone saying anything about a rash.

    Rashes can be environmental. It could be a new dishwashing detergent or a new fragrance being used in the bathrooms at your workplace to a new kind of cleaner being used on the equipment at your gym. Everything can cause a rash. I wouldn't worry too much.

    I am running am m1/4add P-mag stack and I had a rash for like three days. Found out it was coming from the new grips on my motorcycle. Something must have got on them, cause when I switched back to the old one, the rash disappeared!

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