Need advice on Hdrol stack

  1. Need advice on Hdrol stack

    Hello I'm new to this forum but liking it already... I need some advice on a good Hdro stack.... I am just finishing up a 50/50/75/75/75/100 cycle of Hdrol only..... I took cycle asssist throughout and reversitol and t911 for pct... Did not gain a lot of weight but I did lean out some and put an inch on my arms (16) ..... Come December I would like to run a good stack while my calorie intake is up.... Also with stacking I would need to use a serm so some advice on pct would be appreciated Thanks in advance

    I am 24 and have been lifting on and off for 4 years

  2. You could add fura its a nice stacker and has low sides.

    Also edit your [email protected] post where you ask for help sourcing.

    Now go read these 2 links.

    OTC Hormone Chart

    Designer Steroid/prohormone profiles

    Rule of thumb, sticky threads hold good info.

  3. Sorry for the sourcing I edited it .... Thanks I will read those websites

  4. Youd be better off upgrading to a stronger Ph than trying to stack H-drol. It would be cheaper, and youd get better results.

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