Turinabol and what?????

  1. Question Turinabol and what?????

    Ok guys, just ran 6 weeks of turinabol lv solo and loved it, dropped 3-4%bf and not a single lb, good recomp but I'm looking to do same next time in Nov but maybe add a little more weight

    Last cycle
    Week1 60mg
    Week 2-4 75mg
    Week 5-6 90mg

    Next cycle
    week 1 60mg
    Week 2-6 90mg ideally

    Mass fx
    Or formestane LV

    Which should I add out of them or something else???

    T-bol is about as strong as I wanna go on PH due to pubecent gyno

  2. i was gonna say max lmg, but since ur scared of gyno, i'd say all thats left is winstrol, furazabol thp ether, prostanz thp ether, or 1-dhea.

  3. but for size? winie clones are hard to find, and expensive to run OTc as they are usually week, i can definitely do 1-DHEA, except that DHEA in younger men as myself (23urs) tends to convert pretty readily to estro..... and i didnt think furaz or prostanz was for muscle gains.... more recomping....
    and ya im aware turinabol LV isnt a HUGE mass builder, but all the stronger stuff that is for massive muscle i just wont touch, like superdrol....

  4. estrogen is important for building muscle.

    if your scared of gyno, best bet is to stay away from steroids. any compounds with the capability to put on a lot of weight will run a risk of gyno.

  5. tru but i dont need A LOT of weight like 20lbs in a cycle like superdrol.....

  6. If your looking for 20lbs in your next cycle get some SD and bridge it with Epi.

    You won't see that poundage from any Turinabol based cycle.

  7. I said I WASN'T expecting nor wanting 20lbs.... So the harder stuff wasn't needed, I'd like to gain and KEEP 10lbs or so......

  8. bump

  9. PP's 1-T stacked with Turinabol i think would be the route to go.

  10. soon katanadrol 2.0 will be released. it is going to be 150 caps @ 50mg per cap of furaza thp ether.

    enough for 200mg e/d for 4 weeks.

    I'd say for some nice lean mass gains, go with this.


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