jump starting a stacked cycle of Test and Deca.

  1. jump starting a stacked cycle of Test and Deca.

    I have been taking Megavol (sd) for almost 3 weeks now, and I want to jump on a cycle of Test and Deca. I feel good right now from the sd, but I'd like to make sure what more experienced people thought. Currently 180lbs 5' 11" and I work out 5 x's a week. Thanks

  2. What was your weight before the sd cycle?
    And what are your support supps/PCT?

  3. cloferto 25 and blastofen 20 mg. I got ripped from a online store and got generic crap. I weight about 176lbs before. Diets pretty good. Any imput is appreciated. Should I just do pct instead of jumping to a cycle? Also taking milk thistle.

  4. Wait so in 3 weeks of SD you gained 4lbs???
    How are you dosing it?
    Not to be an ass but from the looks of it man, your diet is crap if you only gained 4lbs in 3 weeks of SD, especially starting at 176. I say just hop into your PCT.

  5. What do you recommend for pct? I've researched a little but haven't found a decent way for a sd. My diet is ****, I must admit. Due to recent stress all I want to do is work out bt my appitite is horrible right now.

  6. Ok well first off, hit up a research chemical site, that is legit and has goos reviews on forums, order some clomid (nolva if you have gyno at all) and dose it at 50/50/25/25.

    Next eat your ass off man. I tend to not eat alot some days due to my busy schedule, but i try and manage it all out. Id say buy a good weight gainer as well to get some extra calories. Hell eat a little dirty if you have too...slap some cheese on things, etc. Bottom line, Due what you need to do to grow. in 3 weeks of SD you shouldve gained at least 10-15lbs. Just remember man, eat like your a starving ethiopian.

  7. If my appetite was good and I ate 5 meals a day, what would you of recommended?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by SmokeyWPB View Post
    If my appetite was good and I ate 5 meals a day, what would you of recommended?
    Just go into PCT man. Then when your ready for the inject cycle, make sure your eating atleast 3500-4500 calories (clean).


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