A good, cheap transdermal solution

  1. Exclamation A good, cheap transdermal solution

    With the impending ban coming I am sure many of us will be buying the non-methylated PH's in bulk (1t/4-ad mainly) and due to their horrendous oral availability and the high price of good transdermal solutions right now, what is a good alternative?

    All I have come up with so far is dissolving the powder in some DMSO and spreading it across the skin. This will be rather cheap, however i don't believe dmso is very good delivery agent (I have heard int he 20-40% range whereas agents like dermabolics/avant labs are almost twice as high). Any other thoughts?

  2. T-Gel is the best transdermal lotion around. And I don't know where you got those figures, especially saying that Avant/Dermabolics is anywhere from 40-80%. 40% would be great, T-Gel should be around that or a little higher, but 80% is ridiculous. http://anabolicminds.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15562

  3. There are recipes to make your own transdermal carrier in the homebrew section too.

  4. I would only count on 30%.

  5. DMSO has some side effects. Mainly bad breath. I dont think anything is worth having skank breath for 6-8 weeks.

  6. dude, that guy in your avatar is ****ing gross. i am not an aas guru but that can happen to your stomach?

  7. It looks like too much GH

    I've heard that GH make your organs grow, that's why Ronnie Coleman's stomach is getting bigger and bigger

  8. I find it funny that people think $20 is too high for T-Gel. I remember before T-Gel, when Avant's was the only transdermal Gel you could buy and it went for $55 per bottle.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by hogiejoe
    dude, that guy in your avatar is ****ing gross. i am not an aas guru but that can happen to your stomach?
    Ya, it's GH gut. Tortoise shell for a stomach.
  10. androsol home version

    6gms of 4-ad in 4oz. of 91% isopropyl alcohol in a pump spray bottle. Shake forever to get it into a milky solution..

    It might not be the state of the art transdermal, but at least it's affordable.

  11. Use the homebrew formula posted here, cheap as hell and works great. Do a search.

    I have a bathtub filled with a 4ad/1test dermal solution that I sleep in j/k


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