I was about to start me a new stack and was wondering if there were any good prohormones still out there, and if so which products have worked well for you. I was also looking for good feedback on for the usual (multi, creatine, fish oils, etc) Thanks

  2. this = ban

  3. where do i need to post it then?

  4. go to google man. we can't post sites here

  5. ahh ok.. thanks for the heads up..

  6. no problem

  7. where at in google do i hit like google bodybuilding. or like forums?

  8. google prohormone stores

  9. Go to the bottom of the forum page and theres all the supplement companies involved with anabolicminds. Some sell prohormones and designer steroids. Check each company out for that.

    Also look at the sticky "OTC Hormone chart" in here the anabolics section.

  10. I'd like to help you out but like they said, it's against the rules to mention stores. I suggest that you look at the most popular compounds that people are using in their logs in this section, and do searches on them. That will probably help you to find some of the good stores.

  11. Not against the rules if it is a sponsor.

    Oh and:

    Multi - Orange Triad by CL
    Creatine: Creapure by Primordial Performance
    Fish Oil: Orange Oximega by CL
    Prohormones: Primordial

    BTW, for the non PP products, is where it is at bud.
    Just inject.

  12. great advice HTS...

    pp's products are great and nutraplanet always has some great deals as well!

  13. Hope you find everything you were looking to buy there bro.

  14. I ordered Epistane, and will be ordering M-Drol, I sent you the site.


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