S1+ and what you need to take it

  1. S1+ and what you need to take it

    Basically I want something mild for a first round.

    I hear that 6oxo is fine post cycle. Is there a need for having nolva on hand?

    Anyone have a link or advice on taking S1+ ?


  2. IMO 6-oxo by itself is never a great idea. Gyno can really flare up Post cycle due to high estrogen levels. I would always use Nolva regardless of compound used. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Nolva alone is suoerior than 6-OXO

  4. FWIW, here is a thread on several people having issues with 6oxo (myself included.


    I will not use 6oxo anymore. Nolva works so I use it instead. Besides it cheep.

    Everybodys different but thats my 2cents.

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