Real or fake?

  1. Real or fake?

    My boy Bluenosebully picked these up and asked me to help him post these pics due to him being new to the boards. They are made by Axio & 10mg Winny tabs. They have "AX" on one side and 10 on the other. He was wondering if they are legit or not? Any thoughts?

  2. ya a few people told me theyre legit just a different batch compared to what theyre putting out now... right now axio labs is putting out a more oval shapped winny tab that is a darker yellow with a candy coating it looks like.. my friend told me that these are just a different/older batch.. and has any one had experience with axio winny ?

  3. thanks for the help juice

  4. theyre so similar but the ones i have are more of a diamond shape ... lets see if i get any other feed

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