h-drol gains vs. stack of nattys

  1. h-drol gains vs. stack of nattys

    im still thinking whether i should run h-drol as my first ph or stack mass fx/pink magic/ stoked? are the gains similar or H-drol is more potent? Im 22 and been using some nattys in the past and eat well, clean and lift hard. m trying to break a plateau that I cant break with routine change or diet. which would give some lean muscle mass? thanks guys

  2. I say go with the H-drol and you'll need 2-3 bottles to run a decent cycle. Or go with PP Turinabol LV which is enough for 6 weeks at 90mg per day.

  3. i'll run pp turinabol lv + tren lv

    owesome dosage in both bottle !

  4. Id vote for H-drol. Like gamer siad, youd need 2-3 bottles.

  5. wow you ask in the anabolics section, what do you think people are going to recommend? lol. We don't **** with natty stacks very much. Or at least I don't.
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