What about a decreasing cycle of Superdrol; high to low??

  1. What about a decreasing cycle of Superdrol; high to low??

    Many posts I have read say that Superdrol user stop showing gains at or near week three and the sides really start taking their toll. Many use the 10/20/20/20 or 20/20/30/30 etc, etc. So my question; has anyone tried starting with a max dose and then tapering downward? Like 30/30/20/10 or 30/20/20/10 etc? Would you get the quick gains and then avoid major sides by tapering off??? Any thoughts or experiences??

  2. the best way i know to keep sides down is front load your supp support supps and keep the doses low all the way through.
    me personally im about to start a low dose 10mg of SD to keep the side at a min. and still make decent gains that I find easier to keep and maintain.
    but again thats just me. cranking it to ten from the get go is likely to produce all the sides from the start

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