Male Birth Control

  1. Male Birth Control

    Using prohormones can shutdown the hpta, causing sperm count to plumet. Anyone tested this as an effective birth control?

  2. Even if say your sterile, would you really want to risk it? Put the women on BC, or wrap it. People having babies on accident = idiots of the world.

  3. probably a better idea to jizz in a tub and get it tested. you think you could do it at a sperm bank?

  4. injectables (test e or c I believe) have been used in studies for male birth control and results have been promising. Orals....I think it very well could work but why not just use an inj., easier on the body. Or are you just wondering if you can get away with raw dawging it while on a PH cycle.

    ALWAYS wrap that ****.

  5. hey lets do are own test you send me all your gear i will use then send you back some cum
    pm me i'm there for you all

  6. You need very high suppression to get near zero sperm counts.

    M1T would probably do the trick, but you really cant take that long term.

  7. Lol, good idea zombie, but i agree with n8te. Wrap that **** up brah!


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