Is M4OHN really comparable to anavar?

  1. Is M4OHN really comparable to anavar?

    Was going to run anavar with next cycle but it's so damn expensive. Think M4OHN is a good alternative? Would you just go with the anavar?

  2. I'll let you know in a couple of weeks

  3. definetly, mg to mg comparison its stronger. you wont need 80mgs of M4OHN to see an effect.

  4. Thanks Sledge....just ordered some tabs from you. Hope this goes well! What dosage do you recommend? For the most part it seems 8-12 mg ed is the norm.

  5. The bad thing for me is I bought M4ohn too quick from Sledge at that night. When he just updated the m4ohn powder to his website, there was no special. The special buy 3 get 1 free came up the next day. Damn that.

  6. yeah but some of the people who tried to wait didnt get any.

  7. yeah, anyway, I stock up almost everything but m5aa. Should be enough for the next 5 years.

  8. You lucky bastad. I have enough only for 3 years!


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