1. 1-ad/4-ad/6-oxo

    Stacking 1-ad with 4-ad seems to be a very popular stack. Then doing postcycle with 6-oxo. I know that ergopharm makes 1-ad and 6-oxo, but what would a good 4-ad product be? I've done some research and the only real solid 4-ad ph I could find was Molecular Nutrition's 4-AD Ethergels. Are these any good? Also, if anyone has had good/bad expieriences with this particular stack then I would really like to hear them.



  2. 1ad and 4ad was my first cycle I gained about 8 pounds.I'd go with a transdermal 4ad you can get one from power nutrition.

  3. For the 4AD transdermal I would go with 4Derm. For capsule form, I would go with Ergopharms select 300 mg.

  4. I would skip the 6-oxo. Get some Nolva. Best in ALL cases IMO, regardless of the compounds used or length of time used.

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