half inch pin

  1. half inch pin

    I was pinning my friend today since his gf was out of town and he used a half inch needle. Is that fine. I pined the side delt and had no issues 27 guage 1/2 inch pin. Took longer than I had hoped but went in. I know normally you need 1 inch and 1.5 but thats all he had. I think he had ordered the wrong ones on accident.

  2. I think as long as you were able to make it into the muscle then he should be fine. Was it the delt?

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  3. Yes. Side delt. I think what happened was he though the price was right so he ordered it and did not look at the inches on it. It went in fine.

  4. the only thing that could happen is that it doesnt go deep enough and the oil stays just under the skin, it will eventually get absorbed, but may cause a lump

  5. Figures. Okay cool. I tried t pin on his least amount of fat. Hes only at 12% bf but I figured delts would be fine. He orderd the right pins today so next time there should be no issues but he also has is his testim cream so its not a big deal.



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