surgery while ON

  1. surgery while ON

    Can somone go to my log who has medical knowledge and comment it the one titled. Interaction worth sd and anadrol
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  3. I know of 2 cases.

    One was about a month ago. Before the did that they drew his blood, saw that everything was out of wack and he basically had to tell the doctor what he was on (sust and deca). Doctor made a big fuss about it. The doctor basically called me and started asking detailed questions...

    My friends brother (years ago) got into a really bad car accident. Doctor said that the steroids actually helped keep him alive. That's what the kid said, so I can't really vouch for it. Just thought it was kind of interesting when he told me that.

  4. Wait wtf u mean they will draw blood and analyze just for a acl injury......... i have been of orals for a while maybe 3weeks and using massive anti oxidents and and liver support. Way could they catch?

  5. Worse comes to worse ill say it was a otc product i used and stopped once i found put what it was. But u guys believe they will actually do all this?

  6. If idrop trenand stay on t thatshould be ok? Tony knowledge test dose not really screw up anythin major in body

  7. Anyone?

  8. Bump

  9. They will always ask you if you are on any medications before you have surgery and it's up to you if you want to lie. Not like test, winny, etc will matter but they will still ask you.

    If they are putting you under, they should definitely draw blood.
    Anesthesia's can cause reactions to the body if you have certain chems in your blood.
    They will probably only test for standard things and might see if your liver is off.

    That's what happened to the person I know. The doctor didn't find test, deca and dbol. He found that his liver was all out of sync.

  10. yes im done wiht this thread no1 really replied so i figure it our on my own. thanks for input thought REPS TO YOU!

    but what i will do is just delay it. this 2-3 weeks after pct where my body will look decent blood wise.
    ~ IRON LIVERô________ *[It's just advice man, that's all it is! You can take or do whatever the FCUK you wanna do!]

  11. There is not going to be a blood draw for your ACL surgery. But BP, RHR and other parameters will be serioulsy conter indicative to a healthy anestesia. You will be wired up and on a pulse ox sensor so if your values are elevated they will know and be concerned.

  12. Thanks ds i personally think i should just wait till fall

  13. But i thought they always draw before surgery?

  14. One more think i got mri in a few day i have not inj in left quad for 2weekz there should be no oil for mri to pic up right and if they r scanning acl the will not pic up scar tissue from upper putter quad area right i talk to a friend who is nurse he said no way they will only look at knee

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