methadrol cycle

  1. methadrol cycle

    now that im in the the right area.

    im new and looking for a little advice on an upcoming methadrol cycle.

    cycle of methadrol for 3 weeks and 3 weeks only @ 10/20/20

    PCT includes:
    cycle assist- 1 week prior, throughout the cycle, as well as during PCT
    and anything else that can be recommended.

    i have read unreal's guide to Superdrol a couple of times, and i guess all i really want some advice on is how to eat big to gain the mass, but at the same time eat "right" so that its not all gooey fat.

    height: 6'6"
    weight: 220lbs

    i dont know how to describe my body type haha, i guess i would say an athletic build. somewhat muscular not really cut just some size and deffinition, my bodyfat i would have to guess but will have it checked and repost. but maybe 10-13 percent
    - training - i go to the gym 4-5 days a week and usually do 1-2 muscle groups a day with weights being 75-80% of 1-RM, with mild cardio 2-3 a week

    - my diet - whats that....i eat fairly healthy, its hard to eat 6 times a day because of where i work, so i usally try and drink 3 protein shakes a day, take my multivitamin and eat lots of fruits< this is not the only thing i eat, its just what is always included

    any input, advice, feedback, critisizm- constructive or not--its all welcomed

  2. well dude you need to construct a diet. 6'6 is a big frame and you'll need lots of protein and calories. 250-300g of protein a day to start with, depending on your metabolism about 4000 calories for bulking. It's pretty important to get 6 meals in. You can't fit all these calories into less meals without feeling sickly and full after them (and you lose digestive efficiency).

    Sometimes, the easiest way to do a diet is just to copy someone else's diet (seriously) find a diet that you like and just copy it. Then start to tailor fit it to suit your own needs.

    With your height though, you dont need SD to gain weight... you need to figure out your diet and eat more calories. 6'6 you should hit 250 naturally and easily if you are getting your diet right.

    Maybe give us a starting point... what does your diet look like now, what are your macros?
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  3. well i dont really have a diet, i eat 3 times a day with the addition of fruits and veggies my multi and a couple protein shakes. i do eat alot of lean meats, as well as, chicken for dinners. lunch usually consists of some tuna or a chicken breast. breakfast, protein shake, some oatmeal, hardboiled eggs.
    the occasional cheat here and there but, its forever changing. i need to get on a solid routine.

    but i think ill just browse around like you said and find a suitable diet that i can make work and go from there..

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