Need help on m1t recipe

  1. Need help on m1t recipe

    IF i go the powder route for the m1t,what is the best way to make a oral solutin,and should i use peg400 or everclear???EVERCLEAR and m1t seems it would be harsh on the liver?OR If i go with the pill form which brand do u guys recommend?????????

    This is because im look to try it out, but because of the ban would like to buy enough for 2-3 cycles ahead of time while i got some extra cash!!!NOT planning on using it till 10 -15 months from now!!!

    I got some t-gel on the way and im going to use 6g of 1-test and 3g of 4-ad for my first cycle.orderd enough 1-test and 4-ad powder to do a few cycles before i even use m1t!!!!

  2. m1t pill form which do u guys like?
    1)ug labs
    2)legal gear
    3)higer power
    4)omega sports
    5) others post the brand!!!!

  3. I am using Legal Gear. I bought my bottles at good prices compared to I think Legal gear M1T is doing great.

  4. I honestly haven't heard of anyone complaining about inferior M1T--I think they're all good pills, just comes down to price or brand loyalty.

    I used the Underground Labs version with great success.

    Why not dissolve the M1T in olive oil?

    One note-->if you plan on using herbal liver/heart/prostate ancillaries for a methyl cycle, I'd advise starting them a few weeks before your cycle. Things like Saw Palmetto and Hawthron Berry need at least three weeks before they have an effect. I'm sure the same is true for Milk Thistle, but don't have a study offhand.

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