Test Prop and Tren or Var?

  1. Test Prop and Tren or Var?

    Havent cycled in quite some time but am ready to get going.
    Ive got the prop already and trying to decide between Tren and Var.
    Pros and cons? Any advice will be appretiated.I am planning on 8-10 weeks looking to drop bf but add 10lbs or so of muscle.
    Also would like help on a pct

    40 yo, 205 lbs, not sure of exact bf but around 17-19%

  2. tren and var are as opposite as can be lol... have you researched these? cause its a very odd pair to be choosing between... var is as mild as it gets, tren on the other hand is as potent as it gets.

    and like everyone else you want to lose fat and gain muscle... this is an extremely difficult thing to do, its called a recomp. you best have your diet NAILED! cause even a little bit off will make that impossible.

    tren is going to be a hundred times more effective but as where var will most likely cause you little to no sides. tren will cause you night sweats, anxiety, mood swings, loss of libido, progestin related gyno, etc...

    your pct is really gonna depend on what compound you choose to run. but before you do that you may want to read up on these compounds some more and decide what you are really trying to get out of this cycle. at 19% BF, one cycle is not gonna get you big AND ripped.

  3. Cut to at least 14 then recomp

  4. Yeah I do know that the toxicity levels are way different, I just have access to both right now. I will be looking for some input on the diet as well. I know that 1 cycle is not going to get me exactly where I want to be, but its a start! I am leaning towards var because of the lower sides and less pinning, its just pretty expensive!

  5. OK so I decided to go with the test prop @300 mgs per week and [email protected] 10-20mg per day. I dot think I will be needing a pct.
    Anyone have some diet advise?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by aboveall1 View Post
    OK so I decided to go with the test prop @300 mgs per week and [email protected] 10-20mg per day. I dot think I will be needing a pct.
    Anyone have some diet advise?
    that dose of anavar would be good for a female. if u want ANYTHING out of it u need to run 50+mg ed for 6+ weeks

  7. You need pct after any cycle. I would get a serm to make sure your natural production comes back

  8. tren hands down. night and day difference
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  9. i'd say go with high dose var.... you need to be mentally prepared and informed if you plan on running tren and ur post indicates to me that you are not.

    Also, although I do agree with hump's post that var and tren are very different compounds sides/harshness wise, their body recomp effects are what are similar about them. They are both known to be great for strength as well. I've said this a million times before in other posts, high-dose var is supposed to be like tren in terms of body recomp.

    now when i say high dosed i mean like 80 mg. maybe start out at 60 then bump to 80 a few weeks in. and i would run it the entire 10 weeks if it were me, i'd really want to make the most of my first experience with var and really push my strength gains to the max on that compound.

    also, var does have sides. the main sides guys report on var are lethargy (pretty bad from what i hear - worse depending on how high you go) and a loss of appetite. obviously, if ur cutting, thats desirable. but i say rock the var if u can afford it, just do it right


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