So apparently my source is golden... friends say he hasn't had an underdosed compound from (that one dude in hush whispers) so apparently I'm good to go...

Goal- Lean Bulk (still see abs)

Planning on kickstarting my cycle with a Superdrol pulse (EOD on workout days)
30-40 mg
1-4 weeks
-I'm hoping to mitigate the KILLER lethargy, lipid/liver strain and shutdown from this pulse approach)

At the same time, I'll throw in some Test Prop to minimize lethargy and be able to get back to my old self again (horn-dog f$%k anything feminine with 2 legs) pinning w/same dose schedule as Superdrol (workout days) which equates to EOD. Maybe I should go E3D? Suggestions? I dunno.
Also will be throwing in some propecia cause I'm a nutcase when it comes to losing my hair.

Lipid/liver protectants throughout superdrol pulse front load

Going to run Clomid and Nova inverse and have Arimidex on hand during cycle for gyno flare ups...

Currently 5'9 160 lbs... 1st jump from prohormones Done just a few runs) to my best family guy Emporer voice "Daaaaaaaaaaark SSSSSSSSSSSSSiiide" of pinning.

My main concerns were hair loss (hopefully factors out with Propecia) Lethargy, gyno and a smooth, quick recovery (not running this stack longer than 6-8 weeks... sdrol pulse stops at 4)

Also, any advice on what to run/diet/train like if the female pattern fat deposits start bitching at me post cycle...

Thoughts? Suggestions? Flames? Hit me back, brochachos!