when running 1ad/m14add bridged into pmag???

  1. when running 1ad/m14add bridged into pmag???

    I am getting a free kit to log for ams they are sending me their 1-ad which converts ultimately to 1-testosterone

    It is aromatasable so is m14add- I do not want to use an AI as this KILLS estro whereas a SERM manages estro and prevents it from binding- I know to only use the serm as needed (prob wont need it as it is a four week run bridged into pmag for a total of 6 weeks)

    My question is this- what serm would people reccomend? I cant get any serm human grade at this point in time

    I was thinking Nolva for estro problems and clomid for pct

    Just looking for AM's input

    and expecting a little flame but hey its me right?
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  2. You probably wont need any estrogen control on cycle.

    If you get tingly nips I would dose 10mg of nolvadex and see how you feel the next day.

    then continue administering 10mg for every 3-5 days.

  3. Also why dont you try out UNREAL's PCT idea.

    Frontload a hefty dose of clomid and run that for a few weeks, then switch to nolvadex at the tail end to help with estrogen rebound.

  4. I like that idea- clomid to get the hpta goin and nolva for any estro problems- yeah buddy! Will try it out- thanks for the dosing protocol!
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  5. Should be a good one.. im on day 5 of clomid =[ , could use 25 more realll quick.

  6. how r u feeling? Im day 11 and my boys are comin outta atrophy! Hang in the cousin it should work
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie


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