Finasteride and 4-AD

  1. Finasteride and 4-AD

    I was doing my second cycle of 4-Aderm at 10 squirts twice a day and at the 3rd week my prostate started giving me problems so I quit taking the 4-AD. Three days later I fell much better and was wondering if Finasteride would stop my prostate problems on my next cycle of 4-AD? I really hate to give up 4-AD and ordered liquid finasteride from pumpnpose and liquid nolva.

  2. Check this thread:;post****18716

    and bump for windwords input.

  3. where did this link go? I have a similar question about the effectiveness of 4-ad while taking finasteride (as it wouldnt convert to DHT) or any prohormones and finasteride. I can only see 1,4 androdiol and 4-ad as being ok, I know from reading past threads that nordiol is out of the picture. Keep in mind I am taking the stuff to keep my hair (Im also getting spiro) so things like 1-test are also out of the picture as well. Any ideas?

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