IGF-1 and Liver values

  1. IGF-1 and Liver values

    Are IGF-1 lr3 and Mechano Growth Factor liver toxic? I know the IGF-1 is produced in the liver. I had my labs done on just the 200mcg of the peg mgf and my test levels weree 899 which is super high and my liver enzymes were slightly out of range but nothing to be alarmed with. I have a buddy who was running pct with 40mgs of nolvadex which i know is hepatoxic,and he was also running 100mg IGF-1 LR3 with 200mcg PEG MGF. Anyways his liver values were 6 times higher than normal so he aborted the cycle and is running bile acid at 1 gram a day.It has been almost 3 weeks and he is going back to get them tested so i will keep you guys posted,but ne input and personal experiences would be great. I just wanna know what support supps might be necessary and how hepatoxic these substances are.

  2. If he was running nolvadex PCT I assume he was taking a liver toxic oral steroid beforehand...

  3. No no orals at all,he was running 200mgtest w/600mgs deca for 10weeks then 400mg test w/100mg winnie eod.He cycled off for 2 weeks before starting pct with 100mcg lr3,200mcg mgf,and 40mg nolvadex.I know winny is one of the most hepatoxic aas mg for mg,so I'm sure they were high already and I know 40mg is a high dose of nolvadex. I just want to get a general idea of the hepatoxicity of these substance. I use the two igf peptides every other month in alternate cycles with ghrp-6 for a sort of pct for my natural gh levels.I recommended that he do a 40/30/20/10 with the nolva next time and stay away from orals or winny.Also he is going to run silibinin or bile acid if he is running nething hepatoxic which I believe is a smart idea.Is nolva only really recommended for oral cycles? It seems to me that clomid is not exactly a favorite as far as sides and mental issues while running it and the general consensus seems to be that nolva is king.Again ne input would be greatly appreciated and we will both be getting labs done before and after while running peptide only cycles to narrow this done hope fully but that will be a while as we r both still in the middle of cycles.

  4. you said no orals but then said he took 100mg of winnie eod?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by deadaim View Post
    you said no orals but then said he took 100mg of winnie eod?
    lol there is a belief that injectable winnie is not Hepatoxic

  6. Quote Originally Posted by pressmaster View Post
    No no orals at all,he was running 200mgtest w/600mgs deca for 10weeks
    Wow mustve had some really bad deca ****.

  7. winni is toxic even in the injectable

  8. Nolvadex is probably the most hepatotoxic ingredient on that list.

  9. Is it me or his test dose ztremely low

  10. the winiie eod was injectable but i definitely know it is one of the most hepa toxic.even though it was only 2 weeks he cycled off b4 doing pct,I can't help but believe that the nolva was mostly responsible for this but even then it just seems that 6x is really high.So I am definitely wondering about the peptides also as I know mgf will raise them slightly. If the lr3 also raises them along with the nolva then i could c the compound effect but he is getting tests done this week and it has been around 3 wks since he ceased everything and started running bile acid at 1gram a day.If everything is back to normal he is going to continue with the peptides at 100mcg lr3 and 200mcg mgf so we will c what his labs r mid cycle with the peptides. Maybe i'm not looking hard enough but i haven't much if ne solid info about liver funtion tests while running peptides so i will make sure and post my observations for him and myself as alot of ppl look to these peptides as an alternative to aas.

  11. could eb genetically he has a ****ty liver?
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