Powerlifting on Cycle

  1. Powerlifting on Cycle

    I am currently running starr 5x5 and was planning on running a cycle in the near future.

    Most of the cycle logs that ive read are with loggers doing some sort of bodybuilding routine and they report great gains in weight and strength. I wanted to hear some results from people doing a powerlifting type routine and the strength gains along with weight gains.

  2. Steroids and Powerlifting Compliment each other...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Bigchourico View Post
    Steroids and Powerlifting Compliment each other...
    Yea im just looking for some user reported gains

  4. You will get stronger therefore your powerlifting total will go up..

  5. It's like Viagra and Sex

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Bacya View Post
    Yea im just looking for some user reported gains
    gains are different for everyone. it will depend on ur diet and training. if u dont care about looks, then eat everything in site and i guarantee size and strength will go up


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