Stims and Cortisol Suppression

  1. Stims and Cortisol Suppression

    I have read that even normal stims like caffine can supress cortisol

    I am coming off a 3 month cut

    Tapering off the OxyELIte Pro- but almost all preworkouts contain stims

    SO is this true? If I stop taking stims I am going to have a huge rebound in cortisol?!

    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  2. To my knowledge, stims elevate cortisol levels.

  3. I would be interested in knowing this too. I was on a thread in the pes section for the get up and go stack which is oep and alpha t2, and asked about using suppress c with the stack but didn't get a great answer. However, he said lean xtreme is good with it and I believe that is a cortisol suppressant.

  4. i'm using alpha t2 with stim x...but i also have lean extreme i'm using....that stuff is anti cort, but does have alittle caffeine in it from the green tea....i think what is meant is to much caffeine will lead to a spike in cortisol....BCAA's are said to help with cortisol along with vitamin c at large doses, so if ur worried grab some of them
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  5. lean extreme, supress c, reduce XT, anyone will do the trick.

    Also DHEA/Vit C but you need a AI incase the DHEA converts to estrogen. So i normally take 1 cap of inhibit E along with it.

  6. I heard Endoamp is great a blunting cort and increasing test and GH. I thought stims increased cortisol too?
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  7. i think i was backwards -afraid of rebound cort
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie


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