1. Hemadrol?

    I have two bottles of this and never used it. I was looking for thoughts on how well it works,how to use it, stacking options,bridging options,pct.Does it work well solo? I'm experienced with PH's and proper pct.I've done solo's, bridges, stacks, pulses. If it helps, I have plenty of superdrol and epistane on hand. I don't know if they could factor in since they are methyls.(bridge?).

  2. hemadrol is 50mg caps right?

    First 2 weeks run 50mg of halo a day, stack with 30mg of Epi or 10mg of SD. Starting week 3 run just the halo at 100mg until you run out.
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  3. Thanks. I'll kick this one off with superdrol.

  4. If you're out there UnrealMachine or anyone else. How about this?
    SD 20/20/20/0/0/0
    Halo 0/50/50/100/100/100
    Can I get away with this safely with good support supps and tons of h2o? I do better with SD at 20 ed. If I'm taking it I'd like to enjoy it for three weeks not two.
    I've done SD solo,stacked with Tren PH,and bridged to Epi. Always SERM and good support and pct. No problems. Blood good.
  5. Superdrol Hemadrol bridge

    Any problems with this? I'm getting ready to start.



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