my debate with myself...

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    hey bros i got a ? and hope u guys can shed some light on it for me. i already got a 4 week supply for a m1t and 4ad oral cycle with nolvadex pct. i got milk thistle, ala, and hawthorn berry, im taking all neccesary steps. i was debating would this cycle be more or less toxic to my body than a real aas cycle? say 12 weeks of 500mg test enth and 400mg eq? i already got the m1t and 4ad so ill probuly do the cycle anyways, but i was wondering what would be less toxic short term and long term? ive never done any aas yet only one cycle of mag-10 which went very well about 2 years ago. ive been clean for 2 years only protein and lots of food, i thought it might be time for a little cycle. so thanks for all info


  2. methyl will be more toxic

  3. For a 12 week cycle the test e and EQ is the best bet. Even with those supps, m1t can still be liver toxic.

  4. the real gear hands down. the only plus sides to M1T is the cost and its legal.

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