Andro @ 8 weeks?

  1. Wink Andro @ 8 weeks?

    taking 600mgs of 1,4AD as a stack for 30days so far and a week ago started 2,5mg of M1T and was wondering if its cool to stay on the 1,4AD cycle for 8 weeks instead of 6? I wouldnt see a problem due to the fact that 1,4andro takes a month to kick in. Also I was wondering if I should stay on the M1T @ 2.5mg for 4 weeks instead of two and then have the remaining two weeks of my 1,4AD to finish the cycle.

    ? Any thoughts?

  2. There's no problem with an 8-week cycle of non-methyl PHs. You could extend the M1t too, but 4 weeks of m1t combined with an 8-week overall cycle with shut you down real hard.

  3. warhead: how's the results so far, i'm running that in a week (1,4 & m-1-t)
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    Quote Originally Posted by embrace
    warhead: how's the results so far, i'm running that in a week (1,4 & m-1-t)
    This stack is really decent with good pumps, decent size increase and not many sides. I'll post my results when im done the cycle.

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