h-drol and p-stanz advice (what does of p-stanz?)

  1. h-drol and p-stanz advice (what does of p-stanz?)

    I could sure use some help from someone who has experince with p-stanz.

    Iíve been doing a lot of reading and see mixed options for running the p-stanz. Iím 36, 204 lbs and I want do to a h-drol/p-stanz cycle. Iíve used super drol (2xís), Epi (2 xís) and h-drol (1 x) in the past over the past few years. I have Nolva for PCT 20/20/10/10 as well as AI PCS for PCT. I have Cycle Assist (2 bottles) for on cycle as well.

    I will run h-drol at 75 mg for 6 weeks (I have two bottles). I also have two bottles of p-stanz (I will prob get a 3rd). Iíve been reading that I should run this at least at 200 mg but I see people going as high as 300-400. Again, Iím 204 but would like to get to around 190-195 (by loosing fat).

    Any suggestions on how much p-stanz to run and should I ramp this does up?

    Thank you

  2. P-stanz is Prostanozol. Also marketed as Orastan-E. Its an oral version of the steroid Stanozolol, also known in lifting circles as Winstrol or Winny.

    The dosage of 150 is a commonly dosed run of P-stanz, but its somewhat mild, and users have bumped it up based on their personal feel. You'd probably be best to stick with 150mg if you'rr doubling it with H-drol at 75.

  3. Thanks cowboy007.

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