1test vs. m1t water retention

  1. 1test vs. m1t water retention

    hows the water retention of 1-test vs. m1t?

    I actually WANT water retention with 1-test

  2. Few have reported water retention with 1-test, but with M1T I and many others retain water.

  3. 1-Test did not bloat me up at all, actually hardened me while cutting.

    Haven't used M1T so I can't comment on it.

  4. havent gotten water retention on either...if you want water retention run 4ad and 1-test

  5. Iron I feel u, I wanted bloat on 1-test cause I was dry as a bone. I dunno whats up with methyl 1-test, stuff put water on me like d-bol! I mean it doesnt retain water that much, but for a pure androgen like this I couldnt belive it. I've actually noticed my gyno got reduced while I was on m1t! Dont ask me what happen lol I couldnt figure it out my damn self, but the glands are way smaller

  6. I didn't retain water on M1T but I did use proviron to increase hardening effect. That was before I was introduced to Masteron. Try Trest I think you will find it very effective for size and get that retention you want. I rather pin. Just make sure PCT is right. I used it for preworkout 50mg.


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