CB Sibutramine?

  1. CB Sibutramine?

    For those who have purchased it, has it proved to be real and of high quality?

  2. CB is a brand ? anyway , sibutramine works well if thats what ur question is .

  3. what is sibutramine?
  4. Question

    Quote Originally Posted by dickwootton
    what is sibutramine?
    Yeah, educate me.

  5. evidentally it is a weight loss drug

  6. Meridia

  7. I used it and i think it worked fine. If you are referring to the company I think you are, I trust them 100%. I bought a bunch of their var, and I can tell you it is as close to 100% pure as you get. Else someone went to a lot of trouble to figure out another substance that dissolves in ethanol at exacly 17.5mg / mL.
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