got my blood work back

  1. got my blood work back

    ok every year i get a blood test done at my place of employment since i work in a chemical plant. they don't check test levels, but i do get about everything else. the time this blood work took place i was taking 20 mg of m1t a day and 20 mgs of m5aa a day so 40 mgs of meth. stuff. my alt was 76 the range the lab likes is 2-60. the ast was 42 the lab likes 2-50 i was surprised to see that in range. my hdl was loowww @ 20. now i have a blood test from 2 years ago where i was running 50 mg of dbol. heres the results alt was 78 so it was high ,the ast was 55 so it was also high , hdl was ok. hopefully this helps dispels some myths about the new meth stuff.

  2. thanks, well we know the low cholest. is from the M1T, but everyone should be getting bloodwork like this done.

  3. the ggt were ok btw. on the methyl pro steroids the ggt was 17 and the dbol it was 21. i also dug up another blood test that i beleive i was on 50 mgs of anadrol , but i can't swear to it. heres the results alt was 110 and ast was 67 both were high and ggt was 23.

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