M1T During high reps

  1. M1T During high reps

    I am currently doing 10's in all my lifts in my lifting program. How would this effect an m1t cycle. i dont get to 8's for 2 weeks and 6's for 3-4 weeks.

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    u can forget about strength......ull notice minimal gains..........on the other hand u will notice a **** load of LBM .....ull look more ripped.....and big...its a great irony

  4. No strength gains? with 4Ad in combo with M1t my strength goes through the roof.

  5. No strength gains? That's about all I got. I noticed mainly strength and little mass gains at maintenance calories. Gained 3 lbs maybe? The rest was water.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by azgymrat
    No strength gains? with 4Ad in combo with M1t my strength goes through the roof.
    Amen to that. Even at maintenance I'm seeing pretty big gains.

  7. I have used m1t before and had great strength and size results. At that point i was doing 6's...4's..and even some 3's...my question is now that i am doing 10's and 8's should i still do another cycle or would it be better for me to wait till i get back to 6's and 4's.

  8. I'm sorry, I'm not debating that different amounts of reps can effect the types of gains experienced, but do you really think 2 more sets with a little less weight are going to totally restrict any strength gain while still upping mass? the muscle is going to respond to all the stuff you throw at it, its not in a vacuum.

    yes more fibers mean that a muscle can work at a given weight for longer, by spreading ( more moving around) the load. if it raises it's ' max weight ' to its going to have an easier time moving a lesser weight too. simplistic way of putting things but I think it gets the point across.

  9. No neeeeed to get upset my little friend haha. I am just getting some opinions and yours was helpful. so thank you.

  10. hehe, sorry didn't mean to come across as upset its cool bro

    im not _that_ little

    edit: dammit! wheres the hidey color gone


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