Hey guys. I just started a transdermal 4-AD/3-alpha cycle, mainly for strength as I am a powerlifter. My question is I dissolved 7 grams of 3-alpha powder in the Dermabolics transport matrix (4 oz=118 mL) and this amount should be below the saturation limit. However when I'm applying it I can see and feel some of the raw powder, meaning that it didn't all dissolve. So how can I get it to go into solution better. I tried heating the bottle and this helped some, but do I need to heat it before every application. Any tips would help me out greatly as I don't want to waste the powder and not get the correct dose because its not all dissolved. Also, I shouldn't really have to worry about gyno with this stack due to the conversion of 3-alpha to DHT, correct? Thanks for all your help guys.