decided to go for it

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    decided to go for it

    Well after reading logs for the past 2months on sarm s4, I decided to take the plunge and ordered 2 bottles. I've been on a cut for the past 4 weeks and figure what better time to try it. I'm currently on a keto diet with a cheat day every 11days. When my stuff arrives I'll prolly switch to a carb cycling diet. If anyones intrested I'll post a detailed log. To be honest I don't have a job right now and can dedicate basically my whole life around this stuff. I'll be keeping a journal of my workouts as well as what I eat. On another elite forum guys are really impressed with it. I have spent 2 much money on stuff that really didn't deliver so I figured what the hell, this is stuff that actually might be worth my money and I won't have to turn my glutes into pin cushions. Well I'll post a new thread when it arrives should be in the next 10 business days.
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    Should be an interesting log.

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