This is a case study scenario....

Subject has been using anavar at 30mg ED for 3 onths and has been feeling pretty shot out the past 2 weeks,which can largely be attributed to running var for an extended period and the consequential hammering to his T levels.

Subject has test enthanate and deca at his disposal and is going to run both for 12 weeks (400 and 200mg weekly,respectively) in conjunction with var at 30mg ED for the duration of the test/deca cycle.

He has no HCG,which wopuld be helpful now WRT mitigating drooping T the coupling lethargy of such.

He'd like to know if there would be any merit to injecting anywhere from 400-800mg of test e now and waiting a week(or two,if needed),then injecting deca at 200mg.he is already feeling supressed from var so the idea here is that deca's legendary supression would make matters worse if the test enthanate had not kicked in to work its magic,if he were to start at deca/test now instead of delaying deca a bit.

He has some cabergoline enroute (to deal with elevated prolactin) but that won';t arrive for 2 weeks.Nolva at 10mg ED is being considered as a precautionary measure to be ran on cycle as gyno is a concern.However,as the main goal of this cycle is to induce healing of RC and knee injuries,the lowered IGF-1 via nolva would possibly be counterproductive.That said,would 10mg of nolva present a signifigant effect on IGF-1 expression?