New bottle of Tren E is a different color. Whats up?

  1. New bottle of Tren E is a different color. Whats up?

    Got my new cycle today and got it from the same source and Tren E is more orange this time. My buddy gets his gear from the same source and said that his first round was that color but it worked great. My bottle last time was yellowish color and worked great. What gives. All my buddies get gear from this source and it has all be great stuff. Also this batch was just made and my batch I got last time was a few weeks old. Will the color settle and turn or what?

  2. I got the same issue. got 3 vials of tren ace whats a yellowish looking stuff like a post it, than I have this other vial of tren whats like really dark yellow. I shot once from the dark one but Im not to worried about it. trust your source is what I go by.
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  3. Darker Tren = More oxidation. Chances are the powder sat around longer before your source brewed it, or it was exposed to more heat during the brewing process. Tren probably has the shortest shelf-life of all the popular AAS. That said, you probably won't notice a difference in gains.

  4. i was just about to say PM liberterian he mentioned something about this earlier in my thread
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