Homebrewer supplies

  1. Homebrewer supplies

    I've got some Designer Supplements powders and peg and I want to start homebrewing.

    The main thing I'm looking for are bottles to store the solution in and do the shake and bake (from what I've read on this board I can use one of those pyrex glass measuring "cups" to measure the peg.)

    In the threads I've read on this board lemelange was recommended for just about everything...yet when I go to their website I only see very small and very large bottles.

    I'd like to get a jar with lid that will hold 200 ml (have no idea what that would be in ounces) and a bunch of the little blue (or any color, clear would be best I guess so I could make sure it was all in solution) bottles sledge puts his M1T in (they are 50 ml...50 ml or 100 ml size would work fine for me.)

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?


  2. well you should be able to get pyrex cups from the super market. my bottles are 50ml, but I am sure you could find some 100ml bottles somewhere.

  3. 8 oz. Amber Boston Round Glass Bottle w/White Screw Cap (Glass Droppers are Not Available)


    its like the 7th one from the bottom, thats what i use for my bottles.

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