Another first cycle, w00t

  1. Another first cycle, w00t


    I have worked out on a pretty consitent basis since I was 16, but recently, I had some medical problems. My ankle got jacked up and I developed blood clots after surgery. I've gotten back to the gym for 3 weeks now, with cardio and lifting and jiu-jitsu.

    I got back to the point almost of being able to lift without feeling VERY weak, and feel pretty good and I've dropped 15lbs.

    I'm thinking about a cutting cycle of mht.

    I purchased SAN Tight (60 caps) and some MHT-1 and will purchase whatever else may be needed.

    I'm increasing my cardio to almost everyday next week and getting down on lifting a little bit more.

    My main goal is to try to lose as much bodyfat AS possible before July 4.

    I lift 3 times a week, but, I cannot run, I am attending physical threapy for my ankle (which I thought the MHT would help out with a little bit as well)

    Otherwise, I have VERY anerobic workouts grappling/jiu-jitsu, and try to get on the stationary bike almost everyday (re: next week)

    I will workout AS hard as it lets me, the only drawback is, I am currently on cumdin (blood thinner)

    I am young and I feel that I still can take a *blow* to sort of say to my body and will work hard as possible.

    I am also in the military, and only have a military address, so I really need to watch out with what I order.

    My diet is pretty strict, but I still get carbs from milk and fruits but no breads or complex carbs.

    I also wanted to know if Creatine would defeat the purpose of cutting BF or not.

    Thank for any help and I will return the favor to many when I am more educated.

    Feel free to flame or comment.


  2. Question

    what is MHT? who makes it? either you are confused about the name of a prohormone (M1T or M4OHN maybe?) or I'm missing something.


    EDIT: I would also tend to say that doing a first cycle after working out for just 3 weeks following a seriouse injury involving blood clotting isn't the greatest idea. My 2 cents.

  3. Okay, true that

    yea, I think I might wait on the prohormone, but I still do plan on cutting as much as possible.

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