I am new in conversions

  1. Arrow I am new in conversions

    I am new in conversions .
    What is BA?
    What is Whatman?
    What is 45 filter?

  2. and

    can i find these things from a pharmacy?

  3. search online.

  4. search this site..all your answers are here, you just need to look

  5. A Whatman is a syringe filter that filters your final mixture of gear into a sterile container. They come in different sizes(pore size-Micron) The .45 micron is just one size. BA is Benzy alcohol. It is helped to supend the powder in your solution and makes it sterile along with benzyl benzoate. You can find these supplies at good online research kits sites. Also try www.lemelange.com

  6. What dg said.


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