Best Bulkers around DS list- check it out add/subtract

  1. Lightbulb Best Bulkers around DS list- check it out add/subtract

    I have seen alot of questions on the board about what will bulk me up or what will cut me up- I have even seen someone ask if nolva can be used as a bulker(Technically anything can be used as bulker but Nolva is NOT ideal)

    So I have put together a list nothing comprehensive just a little list for those a little newer around here....VETS- please add or subtract anything needed this is meant to be informative and I do not claim to have extensive knowledge

    Bulking DS

    Mdrol- Very potent, Very toxic best ran at 10-20 mgs good dry lean mass gains.
    (research this compound it is VERY potent with HIGH side effects)
    M14add- Said to convert to dbol at a 15% rate. Gains are somewhat wet though not to much. Ideal dosing 30-90mgs ED I am not certain on the sides here can someone help me out. Good strength and size gains

    Pmag- Good bulker low in side effects it is methylated. best if used around 75-100 mgs though start with 50mgs. Good gains in both strength and size, this compound can also be used as a cutter- depends on diet here can go either way- is similar to hdrol but is NOT the exact same

    M1t- I know very little about this, it is illegal in the US though still obtainable. Very potent very harsh. Converts to 1-testosterone if I am correct

    Trenadrol- Also Illegal in the US though still easily obtained
    It is a progestrin I have read not to use nolvadex with tren I do not know if this is the case have no experience
    Good gains in both strength and size although one of the most reported sides is trendik

    As I said I am no expert just some stuff I have picked up along the way. People with more knowledge and expereince than me (Unreal, Deadaim, HumpTheCook and anyone else) Please add to this as perhaps we can refer people to this

    I am not a Doctor consult your physician before doing anything with any supplement
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  2. All steroids are bulkers as only one has specific fat cutting properties (11-oxo)

  3. thank you sir....I guess the deciding factor as to whether or not you bulk/cut is diet?

    Although correct me if I am wrong some are better suited for bulking like wouldnt m14add be better suited than say epistane....just curious
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  4. m1,4add is only said to be better from bulking because you put on excess water, but you could cut on just the same as any steroid and would get comparable results.

    m1t does not convert to 1-t... its active already as methylated 1-testosterone.

  5. thanks for the correction on both parts man....this is why we need people like you to aid us!!

    Not kissing ass....I refuse to do that....just stating you are more knowledge able than I am!

    Well **** that settles it!

    All steroids are bulkers with the exception of 11 oxo diet is the deciding factor i guess
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  6. Also ideal dosing of m1,4add is 90-120.

    Real trenadrol is not easily obtained as far as i know, your thinking of xtren and comparable "tren" products.


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