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  1. Smile Opinions on this cycle

    Hey everybody,
    I'm just about to start a ph cycle as soon as my 4ad arrives (should be any day now). I've been thinking about this cycle for a while and done a good share of research about the products i'll be using. I've done a 10mg per day 2 week M1t cycle earlier this year and got reasonable results - I gained and kept about 6lbs. This cycle is a bulker but I don't want to risk any gyno. I have nolva on hand just in case.
    Which of these cycles would you recommend:

    Option 1:
    Week 1-6 400mg of 4AD per day
    Week 1-2 10mg M1t per day
    Week 5-6 10 mg M1t per day
    I'm curious if this cycle would be hard on the liver or cause extreme shutdown due to 6 weeks of androgens.

    Option 2:
    Week 1-4 400mg 4AD per day
    Week 3-4 10mg M1t per day

    0Note 4Ad is transdermal, M1t is oral.
    Also what dosages of nolva would you recommend for pct for these cycles? (apologies if this has been covered before)

    I'm 5 8" tall and weigh around 190lb. I've been lifting seriously with 4 years with a few setbacks along the way.
    I'd appreciate any advice or constructive criticism.

  2. Either cycle sounds good to me. 6 weeks is not too long, as long as M1t is only 4 weeks or less. But many guys are shut down pretty hard from 4 weeks of M1t. It depends how you react to it. 4 weeks shut me down harder than any cycle in recent memory.

    You could do Option 2 & run 4ad alone for 2 more weeks at the end. 6 weeks will make a better bulking cycle for keeping gains.

    If you have liquid nolva- 60mg/50mg/40mg/30-40mg over 4 weeks. If you have tabs, use 40/30/20/10-20.

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