Can you cut calories post cycle while using clen?

  1. Can you cut calories post cycle while using clen?

    So I know post cycle you want to take in a lot of calories to help your body recover from the cycle. But what if you are using Clen? I have heard one of the reasons clen is good after a cycle is to keep BF down when taking in the large amount of calories you need post cycle. But, could you actually keep your calories down post cycle while taking clen since it is supposed to have an anti-catabolic effect?

    If this is not possible, and you still need to keep calories up even on the long after a cycle can you start reducing your calories so that you can get that BF back down? Im currently taking tren...and Im liking my gains right now. But I am starting to gain some BF back too. Not enough to make me unhappy...Im making nice LBM gains on the tren, but I took some clen a few weeks before my cycle that helped me get down a little. And now that Im "ON" I am taking in quite a few calories, and Im starting to see a little more Bf...not much though. I guess I just want the best of both worlds, lol.

  2. I think the anticatabolic effect comes from the massive calories and minimal fatgain.



  3. The added calories are there to help the HPTA recover. Inadequate calorie consumption leads to less than optimal testosterone production when not on cycle, so when you reduce calories post cycle it's that much harder to get the boys fully running again. Also even with high calories post cycle you will still have little to no testosterone for a few weeks, so dropping calories will cause the body to use a lot more muscle for energy than normal since you will have less anabolic hormone (test) and more catabolic hormone (cortisol) post cycle. It's debatable whether clen really has an anti-catabolic effect, and if it does it will still not starve off muscle catabolism if you reduce calories post cycle. Eat a lot of calories for at least 4 weeks, and I wouldn't go any less than maintenance calories for another 4 weeks or so. Also eat a lot more saturated fat and cholesterol post cycle.

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