epistane doesnt smell like rotten eggs

  1. Arrow epistane doesnt smell like rotten eggs

    ok i ve taken 2 bottles of epistane 2 years ago and when i opened bottles they smelt like rotten eggs the sulfer smell..i just opened one that ive had for 2 years and no smell at all. Is it still good to take? ive been told epistane can last a few years unopened but this bottle doesnt have any rotten egg smell. no smell at all. should i not take it or is it still good???

  2. Epistane is good for longer than that, and at any rate it breaks down into phera, so good to go. enjoy

  3. sounds good im gonna take it with some winni i have a bottle layin around

  4. epistane made me sluggish
    but gain 7lbs from it and was much thicker and solid
    decent product overall

  5. just started..i can already feel it..i love epi



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