Antibiotics for my steroid acne.

  1. Antibiotics for my steroid acne.

    Just started minocycline to rid myself of the attack of acne i got during PCT.

    Using a retenoid cream (tazortene) on my face for 12 weeks."

    Nizoral 1 percent and .01 clyndamycin with .025 percent retenoid cream for my body.

    Goal is to have nicer skin than I have ever had in my life in 8-12 weeks.

    Any of you guys experience anything like this?

  2. guess im the lone ranger on this one

  3. I'm on minocycline too brah

  4. Im on the same stuff as you brother, it took a while but it is working great. I was on Ziana gel b4 the Tazor and it worked, but not as well as the Tazor.

    My situation is a little different though. I was on really high doses of corticosteroids last summer and it jacked up my back pretty good.

    If you have gotten any scarring at all like I have, something that helped me a ton was doing chemical peels. The chemical peels not only helped get rid of the scarring but helped clear up the acne too!!! FYI be careful about doing a chemical peel on active acne, it will cause it to scab over pretty good for a few days to a week before it goes away.

    Only thing about the chemical peels is that it is a procedure that is usually done by a professional, and therefore if you intend to do it yourself you need to read a lot about what you are doing first.

  5. I like dawn dish soap. its the cat's ass for acne
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