are there any new DS/PH being produced/discovered?

  1. are there any new DS/PH being produced/discovered?

    I know DS have been around for awhile and I know the Government is regulating the hell out of them but I am just curious are there any companies that still produce NEW compounds or compounds at all for that matter....also is there any research into new compounds undiscovered.
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  2. Well in vida there are 666 steroids, many of which are completely useless to us but there are still tons that could possibly be utilized.

    There are a few companies looking into bringing some new (also old) stuff out. However there is nothing going on to find actual NEW steroids, at least not for the general consumer.

  3. Bump.

    I've been wondering this exact same thing

  4. Companies arent really going in this direction, I know culver's Methly-Sten was a NEW and promising supplement that had an epic fail in one log....

    there are many companies bringing out old and faithful supps such as iron labs

  5. iron labs has many supps but arent most of them illegal in the us?
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  6. I have found labs abroad who are inventing/bringing out new(though technically probably old school) AAS either in injectable or oral forms. Problem is, there are no "logs" for most of them, and they are labeled as "novel" and basically your going to be the lab rat for them. Seem some unique ones I never before seen today(Actual oral AAS, not PH/DS, lab researched human grade AAS though DS/PH are AAS know what not getting into this, you get the point )

    Interesting? Yeah, makes you contemplate? Yeah, worth risking yourself, wasting your money over? not sure if thats a yeah, especially more do you want? Test, Deca, Dbol, Tren(inject), boldenone, anavar, etc

    Superdrol, halo, epistane, tren(PH), phera, M1t, bold, deca, 4-ad,1-ad, the one(not sure what else to call it, but it has clones now), etc,etc.

    Not enough? lol

  7. The one i think is methyl dht

  8. Quote Originally Posted by deadaim View Post
    The one i think is methyl dht


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    Very good info sir, it has been added to my minds "databank" lol. Thank you.


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