Was planning a test Sust cycle, got all my pct gear in order. Got some m-drol and started loading up liver care and cycle assist last week so I could kick off with the oral. I started to get bad vibes from my bud and decided its probly a better idea to find a new source. So I'm currently waiting for another friend to come through and I'll be working on Sustanon.
As a side note the first guy wanted about 600 for a single 12 week cycle of T200!! LOL that aint happening. I could fly to Mexico and back home with my own stash for that price (provided I can sneak it in)
At this point I would just run the M-drol but I wanna make this one count.
Anyone up for a trip to Mexico with me? I'm seriously thinking about taking a week in Cancun just to visit some Pharmacea's lol
Im sulking...