EQ for short cycles?

  1. EQ for short cycles?

    Why is it that you have to take EQ for at least 10 weeks? The ester has a half life like primo and alot of people will take primo for a short 6 week cycle. I am getting ready to do a 6 week cycle and want to use test prop and some sort of anabolic or androgen. But everyone says EQ is no good for short cycles.

  2. This should answer your question

    BTW Boldenolone does come as an Acetate, your going to have to look around though. Then agin dbol and propl work great.

  3. thanks bro, that made alot of sense. I think I might try frontloading, or maybe just go with a faster ester.

  4. I would try the faster ester. that is a lot of gear to take in a week . or as an alteritive you can also start the EQ ahead of your other gear. Just start 4 to 6 week befor the prop. I like EQ but in the future I will only use it for bulking.

  5. if this is true then why do people say front loading eq is a waste?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Carpe Diem
    if this is true then why do people say front loading eq is a waste?
    I haven't really heard that, but someone told me that I would ask how much they front loaded. To get the full intend dosage by the second week you are talking about 4 to 5 times you weekly dose and I don't know anyone that has done it (I don't recomend it anyway as that is a lot of solvents and oil for you body to be hit with at one time.)

    The other thing is that front loading itself will not make the body/gear progress any faster. some hormones take time to work, even bold base takes a week or two to see the full efects (I haven't ran it myself)

    And like the disclaimer said, that is JMO


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