Power Lab Nutrition

  1. Power Lab Nutrition

    Have any of you all used this brand?? Just curious.. They are currently still making clones is why I have inquired

  2. I have tried two products from them. No complaints here. Good results.

  3. Perfect. What products if u dont mind me asking. I only want the epi clone. Not the stack.. Would be interesting to run that epi/halo clone. But do those really stack well? Seems redundant for those 2

  4. and you would be stacking two methylated compounds- however epi isnt all that harsh on the liver compared to other methyls, and yes lol it does seem somewhat pointless....at least imo
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  5. ther primabol looks crazy. i always wanted to try Methylstenbolone. anyone run it?

  6. Methylstenbolone


  7. I ran the halo test and the halo tren.

  8. my bad, im hopped up on clen right now. im seein **** lol

  9. stacking two methys is not the worst thing in the world... sd+pplex has become common. doage, drug, and time on matters alot. usually people mix it up with bold/tren/some other non-methy though. tren adding a great boost to strength, while bold is commonly ran up to 8 weeks allowing gains of a strnger ph to settle. etc,etc its all relevant as long as you dont go stupid.

  10. Can I stack SD and M1T?

    The Above was A joke
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie


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