My 1st Cycle: Dbol-Winstrol Dosages

  1. My 1st Cycle: Dbol-Winstrol Dosages

    Ok first off I am new to the forum and I still haven't figured out how to navigate through everything. I have looked through a lot of stuff and haven't found exactly what Im doing. If someone can find a link then please pm me. Thnx.
    I am 28yrs old 6'2 205 lbs 13%BF This will be my first cycle and I am doing injections.
    I have :
    1) 20ml vial of Estanozolol @50mg/ml
    2) 10ml vial of Diana B also @50mg/ml
    1) 100 tablet bottle of Femoxtal

    1) Box (100qty) 21G needles
    1) Box (100qty) 25G needles
    1) Box (100qty) Alcohol pads

    *Clearly I wont be using all of the needles*

    If you want pictures of either me or the gear then check out my profile darts and Alc. have not arrived yet.

    I was wondering if anybody had any constructive advise on how I can bridge this stack and what type of dosages I will be doing weekly?
    What type of results did you get with this? Any advise is appreciated!!!

    I tried looking but found some people taking the pills and some people stacking one of what I have with something else or asking about anything but the dosages throughout my weeks.. If you do know of a post please pm me the link thanks again guys.

  2. a straight dbol and winny stack is extremely peculier, thus you can not find an info on how to run this cycle. typically one of the other would be taken in conjunction with an injectable test base.

    a typical dose of either of these on their own is somewhere around 50mg / day. so you are going to require more gear.

    i would strongly recomend you reconsider your plans here, for future reference it is much wiser to formulate a plan and then purchase the required aas.

    what is it you trying to accomplish on cycle? goals?

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